SHC orders release of withheld consignments Notices issued in petition by Haram Trading

KARACHI: Notices were issued for Oct 16 to officials of Pakistan Customs, East Collectorate in a petition filed by Haram Trading.

A custom appellate bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) headed by Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi also ordered release of consignments of the petitioner withheld by the customs against payment of differential amount with collectorate concerned.

The bench earlier heard a counsel from Franklin Law Associates who maintained that petitioner company imported 7 containers comprising Cosmetics, auto electric coils and miscellaneous items.

The consignments were put to 100 per cent physical examination after which the duty and taxes were assessed and paid by the importer. Later the custom officials withheld the consignments without assigning any reason. The counsel told the bench that custom officials are preparing to invoke Section 32 (3) which is added to the custom laws under recent Finance Act. A set procedure has to be followed in case if this new law is to be invoked against the petitioner, the counsel from Franklin Law Associates submitted. He said that duty and taxes as assessed have been duly paid and importer/petitioner is ready to secure the differential amount for release of goods.

The bench accepting the prayer while issuing notices to the respondent custom officials for Oct 16, ordered release of goods on payment of security amount (differential) with the custom authorities.

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