MCC Appraisement East lodges another FIR against habitual culprits

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has booked several persons for mis-declaration of goods in respect of description, PCT and heading in order to clear high value goods in the garb of used clothing.

Information was received through Collector Nadeem Memon that M/s China Gift Center imported a consignment declared to contain used clothing manifested to have been shipped from Ningbo, China.

Deputy Collector Rana Arsalan had also known that importers in active connivance with their clearing agent and other accomplices submitted fake and forged documents to evade government revenue.

Principal Appraiser Ibrahim Khan and Senior Preventive Officer Malak Hashim, AOs Usman Tariq, Mujahid Iqbal conducted the examination of these four containers, which led to recovery of new polyester prayer mats worth Rs7.01 million and involving duty/taxes of Rs4.86 million.

MCC Appraisement has lodged an FIR against Muhammad Shahid of M/s China Gift Center, Muhammad Hamza, Qaiser Abbas of Ali & Co, Muhammad Idress, Muhammad Ali Idrees and Muhammad Ahsan Idrees.

During preliminary investigations, accused Hamza in custody of Customs informed that the scam was going on for some time and Muhammad Ali Idrees was clearing consignments on done basis for Rs1.8 million/container. Hamza informed that Ali Idrees had developed contacts and a network and he was clearing just anything through mis-declaration or any other method.

Mis-declaration, under-invoicing has become very common these days, especially after the advent of computerized clearing system. About 15 years ago when there was a manual system there were certain checks and balances and no one dared to commit mis-declaration.

Sources said there was not just once scam, but several such practices were underway plaguing the national economy. An official said NAB and other intelligence agencies such as ISI, MI and IB should understand that this is not just corruption, but it is financial terrorism.

Official said misuse of green channel facility, replacement of transshipment cargo etc on Customs end while registration of dummy companies by Inland Revenue, bogus refunds were all part of a larger scheme, which needs to be understood and eradicated. The official said senior officers in Customs, Inland Revenue, NAB and other institutions could be involved in this.

Referring to a recent plea bargain by NAB and clean chit to Wasim Mota, the official said the person involved in corruption and tax evasion of billions of rupees was given a clean chit against just Rs10 million. It seems that NAB was making cases only to clear the accused and give them clean chit and in doing so NAB officials were also making a fortune for themselves.

Collector Nadeem Memon has directed to conduct examination of containers lying unclaimed at ports. There are over 500 containers lying unclaimed at container terminals, which are being examined by MCC Appraisement East. To recall, few days ago four containers declared to contain used clothing were found to contain high value goods, and now five more such containers have been detected.

Sources said all these containers need to be examined as soon as possible, because there is a fair chance that goods in these containers might get replaced.

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