MCC Appraisement East foils attempt to smuggle Indian yarn, other goods

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has thwarted an attempt to smuggle Indian yarn and other goods and seized goods worth Rs11.03 million.

Four consignments declared to contain used clothing were examined on the orders of Collector MCC Appraisement East Nadeem Memon. Examination of the containers led to recovery of Indian origin metalic yarn and other goods including prayer mats, glass, cosmetics, kitchenware and other high value goods as against the declaration of importer.

Following detection of this practice of mis-declaration by certain importers, Collector Nadeem Memon promptly directed full examination of used clothing consignments.

Deputy Collector R&D Rana Arsalan and Principal Appraiser Ibrahim Khan conducted examination of unclaimed containers declared to contain used clothing lying at the port.

Four of the 75 containers were examined, which led to recovery of high value goods imported in the garb of used clothing.

The importers had submitted fake and forged documents including Bill of Lading, Invoice and Certificate of Origin declaring the goods to be of China origin. However, detailed examination of the yarn confirmed the goods to be manufactured in India. Other goods didn’t have any markings mentioning the place of origin.

The Import Policy Order by virtue of a recent amendment prohibits all trade with India as well as goods originated in India.

Nadeem Memon has alerted his team with directives of cross-check the origin of goods that had been previously imported from India on regular basis.

MCC Appraisement East has tightened its grip against unscrupulous elements involved in smuggling and tax evasion. These development are in succession of similar proceedings initiated against malicious elements misusing the green channel facility.

Market sources said because of the measures taken by Collector Nadeem Memon, around 250 containers had been stopped at UAE ports by the importers.

It may be mentioned here that NAB is also actively involved in the investigations regarding import and fraudulent clearance of high value and restricted goods  in the garb of low value goods such as used clothing.

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