Bill proposed to extend tenure of trade bodies upto three years withdrawn

KARACHI: Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce Abdul Razzak Dawood has withdrawn a bill proposed by him to extend the tenure of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) ‘s office bearers from one year to three years, a statement issued by KCCI said.

The Businessmen Group (BMG) and Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) office bearers opposed the proposed bill at a meeting of the Standing Committee on Commerce & Textile held in Islamabad on Wednesday.

The meeting, which was presided over by Chairperson of the Standing Committee ‏‏Mirza Muhammad Afridi, was also attended by PM’s Advisor on Commerce Razzak Dawood and other prominent members of the Standing Committee along with representatives of Chambers of Commerce from different provinces of the country.

While sharing their opinion over this particular issue, KCCI’s representatives pointed out that the tenure of FPCCI’s President currently lasts for one year but some elements were attempting to extend this term to three years through amendments in relevant laws which was not practical and would be strongly resisted by the business & industrial community.

“It is going to be a sheer injustice for those Chambers of Commerce who intend to take charge of the apex body but after such an extension of three years, any chamber of commerce from any province of the country will have to wait for more than two decades to reassume the charge of FPCCI’s presidency”, they added.

Vice Chairman BMG Haroon Farooki stated that the bill proposes amendment in Section 11 of Trade Organization Ordinance (TOO) 2013 which pertains to one year tenure of the Office Bearers but this particular section was not confined to the tenure of FPCCI Office Bearers only as it was also applicable on all other Chambers of Commerce and Trade bodies. “This bill seeking amendment in Section 11 of TOO 2013 is not practically, technically and legally implementable for FPCCI only as it will have an impact on all the trade bodies hence it must be immediately withdrawn”, he added.

KCCI’s representatives emphasized that the said Bill to extend the tenure of FPCCI Office Bearers should have been consulted with the all the stakeholders prior to bringing it at the Senate for debate and fact-findings. Majority of the business community in fact the entire business community of country was against this bill hence, it should be immediately dismissed, they demanded.

After listening to KCCI’s point of view and all the reservations expressed by the representatives of other Chambers, the proposer of the bill and PM’s Advisor Razzak Dawood withdrew the bill.

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