FBR asks Land Utilization Department Sindh to cancel allotment orders and remove encroachment on FBR’s land

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has approached Land Utilization Department, Sindh seeking demolishment of buildings and structures illegally erected on CBR/FBR land in K-28, Trans Lyari Quarters, Hawks bay Road Maurypur.

Chief Consultant (Land/Properties), FBR, Anwar Iqbal in a letter to Land Utilization Department, Sindh dated July 16, 2019 noted that Haji Adam Jokhio s/o Abdul Rahim Jokhio, Ari s/o Haji Mehran, Usman s/o Sadiq and others had encroached a total of 320 acres (approximately) of CBR/FBR land. This land is part and parcel of 2,720.38 acres of CBR/FBR land.

However, Haji adam Jokhio and Usman Sadiq had fraudulently obtained allotment orders from Land Utilization Department in respect of 160 acres of CBR/FBR land. Similarly, Ari S/o Haji Mehran and 68 others through Haji Adam Jokhio obtained allotment orders for 159 acres of land, which belonged to the revenue body.

Chief Consultant (Land/Properties), FBR, Anwar Iqbal had found the encroachment during a visit, and the matter was immediately brought to the notice of the Deputy Commissioner, Karachi (West).

Notification No. 1977 dated 18-05-1878 issued by the Commissioner in Sind, Revenue Department, Sind, Karachi in respect of 960 acres of land located in Sector-A, Land Customs Estate, Maurypur, Karachi;

Resolution No. 4767/28 dated 24-10-1935, passed by the Revenue Department, Government of Bombay now Government of Sindh in respect 2720.38 acres of land located in Sector-B, Land Customs Estate Maurypur, Karachi;

Resolution No. E-3445 dated 20-05-1938, passed by Revenue Department, Government of Sindh, Karachi in respect of 925 acres of land located in Sector-C, Land Customs Estate Maurypur, Karachi;

Map showing the total land admeasuring 4605.38 acres has already been declared belonging to the Land Customs Department vide joint inspection held on 15-01-1978 in presence of the Revenue, KPT, SITE and Land Customs Officers and marking made in the joint inspection plan dated 15-01-1978 in different colors showing the names of the departments to whom the land belongs;

Possession Memo dated 14-12-1985 of KDA/LDA land for Hawks Bay Scheme-42 showing the CBR 1750 acres recognized by Mukhtiyarkar as CBR/FBR land; is ample evidence proving the ownership of CBR/FBR of the said land.

Anwar Iqbal urged the Land Utilization Department of Sindh to cancel allotment order in favour of M/s Haji Adam Jokhio S/o Abdul Rahim Jokhio, M/s Ari S/o Haji Mehran and 68 others and M/s Usman S/o Sadiq and others may please be cancelled and demolish the constructed buildings from the FBR land.

It may be mentioned here that the land grabbers removed the signboard of the Government of Pakistan from the said land.

Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah has taken notice of the case and suspended several officers including Member LU-BoR Danish Saeed, Additional DG Muhammad Sohail, while the entire staff of Land Utilization Department was ordered to report at Headquarters.

Murad Ali Shah also ordered Anti-Corruption Department to conduct an inquiry in this regard and submit report within 3 days.

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