FPCCI perturbed over proposed transfer of recently appointed DGTO during election process of trade bodies

KARACHI: The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has expressed its concerns over the proposal sent by Ministry of Commerce to Prime Minister for transferring the recently appointed Director General Trade organization (DGTO) during election season of trade bodies.

In a statement issued FPCCI President Engr. Daroo Khan Achakzai and Patron S. M. Muneer stated that Commerce Ministry has sent a proposal to the Prime Minister for transferring the recently appointed “Regulator of the Trade organization” DGTO.

The statement states although the appointment of DGTO should have been done much earlier than the start of election process of the trade bodies but it is shocking to learn that the supervisor of 218 trade bodies is being transferred during the ongoing election process.

The entire election process of trade bodies from July to December each year, is conducted under the supervision of the “Regulator” (DGTO) of Trade bodies. This means that not only the whole process will be disrupted but also there will be a complete chaos and difficulties for the trade bodies for ensuring transparency, disposal of disputes appeals pertaining to this important elections all these are handled by DGTO.

Nowhere in the world the supervising officers are transferred during the Election process, even in Pakistan during the elections there is complete ban on transfers and postings.

The FPCCI President and business community has demanded that this illogical and illegal proposal to be immediately withdrawn for smooth conduct of trade bodies elections. If Ministry fails to address the grievance and genuine demand then a different course of action, even legal, remedy may be considered ensuring completion of the disruption and free election process of trade bodies of the Country.

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