Special Customs court admits six accused to bail

KARACHI: Six accused allegedly involved in smuggling case were admitted to interim bail against a solvent surety of rupees 100,000 each by Special Customs Court at Karachi here on Wednesday.

Mehmood Iqbal, importer, clearing agents Qaiser Abbas, Muhammad Idrees, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ahsan and Muzammil, staff member of clearing agent sought bail in three different FIRs registered at ASO, Pakistan Customs, Karachi.

According to FIR’s the accused got a consignment cleared declaring it of comprising old/used clothes. The ASO on a tip off raided at City Railway Station, shed and found that container was full of auto parts, ipads and other electronic items of higher value. The two other containers of the importers were held and later during examination, case of mis-declaration and attempted smuggling was made out.

Today, representing the accused before the  trial court, a counsel from Franklin Law Associates submitted that the main culprit is absconding in the case while shipping agent accused of tampering with Bill of Lading has been arrested and in custody of Pakistan Customs.

The accused present before court were  not involved as their license given for petty pecuniary gain was misused, the counsel from Franklin Law Associates told the court. He also submitted that  FIR was lodged in case of a consignment against which no GD was  filed. It is a case of further inquiry and accused/ applicants will cooperate with the investigating officer, the counsel assured the court.

The presiding judge after hearing the arguments admitted the accused to interim bail against a solvent surety of rupees 100,000 each. Earlier a bench of SHC ob August 08 admitted them to protective bail against solvent surety of rupees 25,000 each.

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