MCC Appraisement West foils bid to replace and release seized containers

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has busted a gang involved in replacing already confiscated/seized containers of restricted/prohibited goods with identical containers and getting delivery of seized goods against GDs of low value goods such as used clothing.

Information was received through Collector Appraisement West Wajid Ali that certain persons were attempting to get delivery of already seized/confiscated goods. Wajid Ali assigned Deputy Collectors Falik Sher and Asim Rehman, Principal Appraiser R&D Shafiullah and Appraising Officer Ghani Soomro to pursue the information.

Subsequently, a container ready to be delivered at gate-out was spotted, which was declared to be a consignment of used clothing. The container was taken to scanner, and it was found that the same container had been scanned on August 02, 2019. However, the container was scanned again and comparison of both images revealed that containers were not the same.

Therefore, the container was examined and it was found to be containing betel nut instead of used clothing. Further scrutiny of the container revealed that there was difference in the container number printed inside and outside of the intercepted container.

It was known that the unscrupulous elements imported consignments of low value goods and replaced/substituted the imported container with already seized/confiscated containers through tampering in the container numbers. This way, the accused attempted to get delivery of goods seized and confiscated.

Facts have revealed that a criminal racket is being run by the importers, management and staff of container terminal, shipping agents, transporters and other associates.

Collector Wajid Ali has assigned ADC Saeed Wattoo and Deputy Collector R&D to further investigate the case, and also determine the role of container terminal KICT in execution of the fraud.

Moreover, Collector MCC Appraisement East has formed a team headed by Deputy Collector Rana Arsalan and Collector MCC Port Qasim Mumtaz Khoso has formed a team headed by Deputy Collector Amjad Rajpar to conduct scrutiny of seized and confiscated container to ascertain if any more of such containers had been substituted.

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