Most wanted Imran Khan arrested from Askari-IV

KARACHI: On the directives of Chief Collector Enforcement Wasif Memon, a joint team comprising Deputy Collector ASO Preventive Akbar Jan, IPS Iftikhar Hasan, Preventive Officer Saddam and Principal Appraiser R&D West Shafiullah arrested one Imran Khan involved in substitution and replacement of already seized and confiscated containers.

Collector Appraisement West Wajid Ali had assigned Principal Appraiser Shafiullah to assist ASO Preventive.

Imran Khan is wanted in a number of FIRs pertaining to smuggling and replacement of transshipment cargo. He was arrested from Askari-IV, in Karachi.

Imran Khan is the mastermind of the scam, wherein containers of seized and confiscated goods are substituted with identical containers through tampering container numbers and then these seized goods are cleared and delivered against GDs of low value goods such as the used clothing.

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