Task forces on smuggling will not serve the purpose

KARACHI: A meeting on anti-smuggling policy was held under the chair of Interior Minister, which decided to form task force on federal as well as provincial level to control smuggling.

A senior FBR officer said it was beyond understanding that the government was forming task force to stop smuggling on one hand, but the smugglers were patronized by the government functionaries as well as the law enforcement agencies.

He said forming task force will not serve any purpose unless the known smugglers and criminals are taken to task by the judiciary without caving to the pressure of politicians and other powerful elements.

Referring to the bail of notorious smuggler Haji Sadiq Achakzai in all cases including murder, the officer said the biggest smuggler in the country and primary accused in the murder of Deputy Collector Dr. Abdul Qudoos Shaikh was accorded a VIP protocol by the law enforcement agencies. Moreover, the members of Baluchistan government are supporting Haji Sadiq Achakzai.

The official said Customs launched the crackdown on smuggling, and in retaliation the smugglers murdered an officer, and yet the law enforcement agencies botched up the investigations.

The entire government machinery is either helpless against a smuggler or they are actually patronizing the culprit.

The officer said that Customs would not succumb to the pressure by the politicians and the anti-smuggling campaign would continue in full swing.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will be visiting Torkham border soon and the Customs officers have decided to approach the PM and apprise him of the situation.

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