Haji Sadiq Achakzai granted bail in three FIRs lodged by ASO

KARACHI: Pakistan Customs has been helpless against the influence and power of notorious smuggler Haji Abdul Sadiq Achakzai, as Achakzai got protective bail from High Court Quetta.

Achakzai got bail in three FIRs lodged by Anti-smuggling Organization (ASO) without even appearing before the court.

As anticipated hundreds of Achakzai’s supporters and associates had cordoned of the Court premises, however there was no law and order situation as everything went as per their plan.

Two Preventive Officers from Karachi, who had gone to Quetta to take custody of Haji Sadiq and bring him to Karachi will return empty handed.

An official said Achakzai was arrested for safe keeping and so that all the evidence and witnesses could be removed attaching Achakzai with the murder of Deputy Collector Abdul Qudoos Sheikh and smuggling.

Haji Abdul Sadiq Achakzai is a very influential smuggler having friends in all the right places.

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