Customs Preventive Peshawar seizes 24 tons of betel nut

PESHAWAR: The ASU D.I Khan of MCC Preventive Peshawar has seized 24 tons of betel nut (areca) worth Rs40 million at D.I Khan Zhob Road in two separate operations.

MCC Preventive Peshawar is undertaking a crack down on smuggled goods transported from Baluchistan to other parts of the country particularly the consumer markets of Punjab.

The collector of Customs Preventive Peshawar Asif Saeed Khan Lughmani has issued directions for zero tolerance on smuggling to Additional Collector Khial Muhammad and all staff posted in South region KPK to focus on movement of smuggled goods from Baluchistan and erstwhile FATA.

On credible information, ASU DI khan seized a truck loaded with betel nuts covered with crushed coal from Daraban road. On detailed examination 190 bags of betel nuts were recovered each bag with 75 kg weight. Estimated value of betel nuts is Rs35.625 million, value of truck is estimated to be Rs4.0 million. Grand total of the seizure is 39.625 million.

In another incident, a truck loaded with fresh onion was intercepted and on examination, 10 tons of betel nut was recovered hidden underneath the onion.

These goods were destined to Faisalabad from Quetta. Cases have been framed and investigation has been launched.


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