MCC Port Qasim relieves Appraising Officers

KARACHI: In pursuance of FBR’s transfer/posting order notified on July 12, 2019, MCC Port Qasim has relieved 10 Appraising Officers.

On the instructions of Chairman FBR Syed Shabbar Zaidi, the Customs Wing has re-deployed and transferred 1,650 official positions to meet the challenging revenue target and particularly to control smuggling.

In this context, a total of 180 posts in BS-16 have been re-designated while 1,568 posts in BS-16 have been redeployed across Pakistan.

This shake up has not been kept limited to low grade positions but also 84 posts in BS-17 to BS-21 have also been re-deployed.

The bulk of the re-deployed customs officers have been shifted to strengthen the Customs enforcement side. The transfer and posting orders have been issued.

The Appraising Officers relieved by MCC Port Qasim include Anees ur Rehman, S.M Fahad, Qaiser Nadeem Chatha, Aamir Shuja, Syed Hammad, M. Ibrahim Kurd, Imdad Ali Bozdar, Mirza Irfan Baig, Miskeen Shah and Aurung Ali Shah.

Following large scale transfers and postings in Pakistan Customs, about 75-80 percent of officials have been relieved from their postings.

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