Malik Abid arrested in the case of TP cargo replacement

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has lodged an FIR against M/s Usman Trading Company, M/s Z.S Logistics and others for mis-declaring description, quantity and import of banned/restricted items under the false description of used auto scrap, besides evasion of duties and taxes.

R&D West has arrested Malik Abid s/o Khan Zaman and obtained remand from the court in this regard.

Acting on information received through Collector MCC Appraisement West Wajid Ali, Additional Collector Saeed Watoo formed a team under the supervision of Deputy Collector Asim Awan and PA Shafiullah.

R&D West intercepted a TP container at KICT destined for Islamabad Dryport transported by Bonded carrier M/s. Z.S Logistics Pvt Ltd declared as used auto parts imported from UAE by M/s. Usman Trading Company.

Detailed examination conducted by Shafiullah of R&D and DC Falik Sher, Examiners Rooahul Ameen, Muhammad Ansar has resulted into recovery of 2350 kgs of assorted perfumes and 12 units of used Suzuki pickups in dismantled condition assorted models from 1990 to 1998 .

Used auto parts comprising only 76 pcs of 3 / 4 cylinder petrol / diesel engines were found. Total value of offending goods is Rs.9.457 million, involving duty/taxes of Rs.11.394 million .

Sources said the accused were involved in replacing cargo of hundreds of containers. Malik Abid and his brother Malik Asghar have their own fuel stations and at warehouses adjacent to these warehouses the cargo of TP containers is replaced.

Malik Asghar is the mastermind of this scam. It was known that these brothers used to work as brokers in at a truck stand in Lahore and now they have established an empire having properties in Dubai as well. It may be recalled that 12 years ago, Excise Department caught their container and recovered 6,000 KG of Charas. They have connections with Customs officers, and their cases are shelved.

Sources said Customs authorities are also investigating M/s Pak Agencies, M/s Al Noor Enterprises and Sharjeel Lahori for involvement in TP replacement cases, under-invoicing and mis-declaration in connivance with senior Customs officers.

Collector Wajid Ali had extreme pressure, but he took a stand and FIR was lodged. Further investigations are underway.

Despite the provisions in the Customs Act, TP consignments are not fitted with tracking system. Moreover, TP consignments are not properly scanned at ports, as certain officers oppose scanning of TP consignments.

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