Deputy Collector Ali Ijaz seeks disciplinary action against Superintendent Dost Muhammad for misbehavior

KARACHI: Deputy Collector Customs Ali Ijaz approached Collector MCC Exports (PMBQ) reporting threatening attitude and misbehavior of officiating Superintendent SIU, Dost Muhammad.

In an Incident Report forwarded to Collector Exports (PMBQ), Deputy Collector Ali Ijaz mentioned Dost Muhammad’s misbehavior within the premises of Sindh High court subsequent to the hearing of the constitutional petitions by M/s Steel Vision (Pvt) Ltd and M/s Royal Impex (Pvt) Ltd.

Ali Ijaz mentioned high court concluded the session with direction to process the petitioners’ Goods Declarations within two days and to implement fully the Order dated: 26.06.2019.

Deputy Collector noted that after the hearing, Superintendent Dost Muhammad confronted him and accused him of conniving with the petitioners.

Ali Ijaz mentioned that Dost Muhammad had a reputation of leveling false allegations against officers and superiors to conceal his blackmailing tactics in the cloak of self righteousness.  Dost Muhammad has also filed a complaint against Deputy Collector Ali Ijaz and Advocate Zain Jatoi to the Chief Justice Sindh High Court.

“I request you to intervene in the matter as my senior and head of this Collectorate and to liaise with the worthy Chief Collector to take up the matter with the worthy Director General and Director of the DG I&I-Customs so as to take stringent action against Dost Muhammad under Efficiency and Disciplinary Rules and also to commence prosecution against him for causing hindrance in my official work through making and publicizing,” Deputy Collector Ali Ijaz noted in Incident Report..

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