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WANdisco partners with Databricks

LONDON: WANdisco, the live data company, has announced a partnership with Databricks the leader in unified analytics and founded by the original creators of Apache SparkTM, to accelerate and dramatically simplify the migration of on-premises Hadoop analytics workloads to Azure Databricks.

WANdisco's LiveMigrator enables petabytes of unstructured data to be migrated to the cloud with no downtime and a single scan of the data, compared to the inefficiency of multiple recursive scans. The joint solution will use LiveMigrator to provide reliable and continuous data migration from Hadoop to Azure Databricks' Delta Lake - a storage layer that ensures reliability for machine learning and data analytics.

Azure Databricks is an Apache Spark based engineering and machine learning platform that Microsoft offers as an integrated first-party service. Databricks is integrated with Azure to provide one-click setup, streamlined workflows, and an interactive workspace that enables collaboration between data scientists, data engineers, and business analysts.

To undergo digital transformation, many organizations migrate to Azure to take advantage of its modern data and AI services. Bringing the WANdisco Fusion Platform capabilities with its patented and secure consensus technology, bi-directional selective replication system, and ultra-fast non-blocking scanner together with Azure Databricks makes it seamless and efficient to migrate on-premises Hadoop analytics workloads.

David Richards, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of WANdisco, commented: "By combining WANdisco's LiveMigrator with Delta Lake, enterprises get the best of both worlds - seamless and secure migration of petabyte-sized data to the cloud and the power of strong, cloud-based analytics. With this partnership, enterprises have a powerful option to quickly and painlessly move their organization to the cloud and take advantage of increased productivity, security and insightful data analytics available to employees anywhere at any time."

Michael Hoff, senior vice president of Business Development at Databricks, said: "As organizations modernize their IT infrastructure to support AI initiatives, transitioning to the cloud for agility and efficiency is a key component. Rightfully so, organizations want to migrate from legacy on-premises infrastructure to reliable data lakes at scale, which is not only made possible but simplified with WANdisco and Azure Databricks."

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