New Podcast Studios open in New York City |

New Podcast Studios open in New York City

NEW YORK: Audioboom, the leading global podcast company, announced that it has opened two new recording studios, comprising over 1,000 sq. ft. of recording and production space, within its existing office in New York City, USA.

Due to significant and growing demand for roundtable and personality driven podcasts, Audioboom has expanded its production operation with the launch of a 1,000 sq. ft. studio complex in midtown Manhattan comprising two new recording studios and a new Green Room for talent. One of the new studios will serve Audioboom's roundtable and personality driven shows, while the other will be dedicated to more intimate, interview style shows and solo productions.

The new studios will assist Audioboom with launching new Audioboom Originals Network podcasts in 2019, including: Never Thought I'd Say This with Fuller House Star Jodie Sweetin, a biological podcast A Life Lived, and movie show Truth vs. Hollywood.

The new studios will also reduce the costs associated with renting/leasing third party studios for in-house productions such as: Mafia, Covert, Nightcall, Blank Check, and It's Happening with Snooki and Joey.

Stuart Last, Chief Operating Officer, Audioboom, said: "Our new studios will give us the ability to produce more than 40 shows out of our New York office alone, which is an important step in expanding our Audioboom Originals Network.

"New York City's hub of creative talent, along with our stellar team of in-house producers, have laid the foundations for an incredibly creative network. Our new studios represent a new standard for podcast production and should take the Audioboom Originals Network to new heights."

Rob Proctor, Chief Executive, Audioboom, said: "These new state of the art recording and production facilities in our New York City studios effectively more than double the Company's production capacity and provide the perfect environment to work more closely with some of the world's most creative production, journalistic, script-writing and host talent.

"Audioboom remains focused on the growth of the higher margin Audioboom Originals Network content with a programme slate expected to grow during 2019. The successful launch of just one key Audioboom Originals Network podcast should more than cover the non-material cost to the Company of the new studios."

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