Overseas Pakistanis remit US$21.84 billion during FY19

KARACHI: Overseas Pakistani workers remitted US$21.841 billion during FY19 showing a growth of 9.68% compared with US$19.913 billion received in FY18.

During June 2019, the inflow of workers’ remittances amounted to US$1.65 billion, which is 28.72% lower than May 2019 and 1.40% higher than June 2018.

The country wise details for the month of June 2019 show the inflows from Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, UK, GCC countries (including Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman) and EU countries amounted to US$334 million, US$356.03 million, US$276.76 million, US$268.97 million, US$163.46 million and US$52.49 million respectively compared with the inflow of US$336.61 million, US$345.31 million, US$260.32 million, US$260.25 million, US$163.53 million and US$62.16 million, respectively in June 2018.

Remittances received from Malaysia, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Japan and other countries during June 2019 amounted to US$198.81 million together as against US$199.47 million received in June 2018.

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