Paynet and Payserv sue Bankers Association of Zimbabwe for US $100 million

LONDON: Cambria announced that further to its announcement of 12 June, Payserv Africa Limited and Paynet Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd have instructed their legal practitioners in Zimbabwe, Titan Law, to commence legal action against the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe (BAZ) and related parties for anti-competitive practices seeking damages of US $100 million. Payserv Africa and Paynet Zimbabwe are subsidiaries of Cambria.

Payserv Africa and Paynet Zimbabwe continue to engage individually with suspended banks on the Paynet platform as well as the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to find a solution to an impasse which has resulted in the suspension of services. Cambria believes this has exposed the banking sector to significant security and privacy risks. It understands banks are currently managing payments using manual spreadsheets sent by email and flash drives – much of this information is unencrypted or insufficiently encrypted.

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