MCC Port Qasim redistributes work among Appraising Officers

KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has notified redistribution of work among Appraising Officers with immediate effect.

Muhammad Aftab Iqbal is moved from Group-III, FTA Cell to Group-I, FTA Cell. Syed Irshad Ali Shah is moved from Examination (QICT) to Group-II. Ghulam Yasin Sabri is moved from Group-VII, CIU to Group-III. Qaiser Nadeem Chattha is moved from Group-V, ATLI to Group-III and ATLI. Noor Elahi Khan is moved from Group-VI to Group-IV.

Junaid Ahmed is moved from CIU, Group-VI to Group-V. Aamir Shuja is moved from Group-II, CIU, Recovery & Refund cases to Group-V, Recovery and Refund cases. Syed Mubashir Hassan is moved from Group-I to Group-VI.

Noor M. Kalwar is moved from Group-VI, Law Branch to Group-VII and Law Branch. Nawab Tauqir Ahmed is moved from Group-II to Examination (QICT). Anees-ur-Rehman Khoso is moved from Examination of MTO & Bulk to Examination (QICT).

Muhammad Ibrahim Kurd is moved from Headquarters to Examination (QICT). Sultan Murtaza Bhutto is moved from Examination (QICT) to Assessment of Bulk & One Customs. Khaleeq-ur-Rehman is moved from CIU to Examination of ODTs/MTO.

Zubair Ali is moved from Bulk Examination & Bonds to Examination of Bulk, Bonds and One Customs. Fazal Karim is moved from Group-IV & Audit (internal/external) to CIU. Manzoor Hussain Rajpar is moved from Group-III to CIU and Muhammad Umair Makki is moved from to Group-V & Audit (internal/external) and assigned to CIU.

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