Government gets Rs50bn as 131,000 persons take benefit of PTI’s Amnesty Scheme

KARACHI : As per provisional numbers, about 131,000 people have registered so far under the Asset Declaration Scheme 2019.

About 91,000 people have disclosed their assets, while remaining 40,000 registered will also declare their assets.

Asset declaration has helped raising tax worth PKR 50 billion so far, while about PKR 1,800 billion worth of assets have been declared.

Just to recall, last Amnesty in 2018 yielded collection of PKR 124 billion with declaration of assets worth PKR 2.5 trillion.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has continuously urged the people to avail the scheme to declare and whiten their foreign assets, benami accounts. The premier also appealed to the people to pay their taxes for a better future of their children.

The prime minister has also maintained that anyone who does not avail the scheme will be strictly dealt with. He warned that his government has information about benami accounts and assets which has never been obtained before.

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