Supreme court reject petition by sacked policemen

KARACHI: A supreme court bench comprising Justice Maqbool Baqar and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah on Thursday dismissed a petition filed by ex-policemen who were sacked from service after they failed to clear physical test.

The petitioners appeared in person seeking reinstatement into service on ground that those related to higher officials or having political connections were taken into service but they were dismissed despite having served for four years.

The bench said that it could not approve or allow a wrong to be supported by another wrong. If the court’s order have been violated and some other people were regularized into service we cannot allow violation of our orders and can order their removal too but we cannot order your reinstatement endorsing a wrong order of the authority, the bench said while dismissing the over a dozen identical petitions filed by Hafeezullah and others.

The same bench also disposed of a petition filed by a police officer Nasir Ahmed Shaikh directing the police officers concerned to expeditiously dispose of inquiry proceedings against the petitioner. The bench also ordered the finance secretary to ensure payment of any lawful dues of the petitioner soonest.

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