Customs seize large quantity of counterfeit battery cells

KARACHI: The Directorate of IPR Enforcement (South) has intercepted a consignment of counterfeit battery cells bearing false trade description “Tonosheba”, which is deceptively similar to the well-known trademark ‘Toshiba”.

The consignment comprises 260,000 dozens of battery cells, aggregating to 3.3 million pieces imported from China by M/s Nafees Traders. The assessed customs value of the consignment is Rs. 4 million, while its market value is Rs. 20 million approximately.

This is by far the biggest seizure of counterfeit battery cells of “Toshiba” brand by the Directorate General of IPR Enforcement.

Legal proceedings have been initiated against the importer, while the Tokyo-based Toshiba legal attorneys have been apprised of the matter.

Director General IPR Enforcement Arsalan Subuctageen has advised the staff to keep strict vigilance on the import of counterfeit products.

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