Preventive Peshawar seizes auto parts worth Rs10 million

PESHAWAR: Customs Preventive Peshawar foiled a bid to smuggle auto parts and seized the goods worth Rs10 million.

[the_ad id=”32940″]Collector Saeed khan Laghmani has advised the staff to keep strict vigilance on the movement of vehicles to and from Afghanistan, as hundreds of export/import cargo vehicles cross the Torkham border.

Information was passed through ADC Ghulam Mustafa that goods would be smuggled through empty cargo vehicles coming from Afghanistan.

AC Sajid Khan formed a team comprising Preventive Officer Rahmat Ali along with class IV satff. Subsequently, the suspected vehicle was spotted. The
used/new auto parts for LTV/HTV were concealed under a stack of hay and straw.

It may be mentioned here that Customs Preventive Peshawar is extremely under staffed to look after such massive movement through the border.

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