Beroni sings strategic cooperation agreement with Prof Takuya Tsunoda

SYDNEY: Beroni Group Limited recently signed a strategic cooperation  agreement  with Professor  Takuya  Tsunodato jointly develop immunotherapy and new drugs for cancer treatment.

Professor Takuya Tsunoda is a professor at the School of Medical Oncology at Showa University, Japan and is a leading pioneer in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

At the signing ceremony, he said,  “There  are  four  therapies  for  cancer –surgery,  radiotherapy,  chemotherapy  and immunotherapy. The first three therapies target the cancer whereas immunotherapy target the immune system and not the cancer. Immunotherapy can effectively slow down the pathology and spread of cancer. With the rapid development of medical science, cancer will no longer be looked upon as a life-threatening disease but just a chronic disease.” [the_ad id=”31605″]Beroni Group’s Chairman, Jacky Zhang said “We are very honoured to be able to cooperate with Professor  Takuya  Tsunoda. Professor  Tsunoda has  vast  experience  in  the  field  of  cancer immunotherapy  and  clinical  care.  We  welcome  him  to  our  alliance  of  scientists  who  focus  on precision medicine. This collaboration will enhance our Group’s core research and development capability and open up new paths for us in the use of immunotherapy for precise diagnosis and treatment  of  cancer.  We  hope  to  share  and  exchange  our  resources  in scientific  research, technology and talents with Professor Tsunoda’s team.”

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