MPower to construct a 6.8 MW solar farm in South Australia

SYDNEY: MPower Group Limited has secured a contract to construct a 6.8MW DC solar farm at Mannum in South Australia, the second significant solar farm project in South Australia to be awarded to MPower this financial year. [the_ad id=”31605″]The 6.8MW DC Mannum Solar Farm Project comprises approximately 17,000 solar panels and utilises single axis tracking technology. The tracking technology facilitates the movement of the solar panels to track the sun during the day, thereby maximising the power output of the solar farm.

The grid-connected Mannum Solar Farm Project is owned by a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian Solar. The contract has a value to MPower of over $3 million and will be completed this calendar year. As Canadian Solar will be directly supplying its own proprietary componentry together with other components, the contract value of this project differs from full scope projects that MPower has been involved with.

MPower’s Chief Executive Officer Nathan Wise commented: “We are delighted to be involved in the delivery of another first class grid-connected solar farm. The Mannum Solar Farm will bring another new, dependable and renewable energy source to South Australia, supporting the transition to renewable energy and further boosting the state’s renewable credentials.

“The rise of decentralised power generation and the move away from centralised power stations is a continuing phenomenon and we are encouraged by the level of demand. MPower’s pipeline of projects in the proposal phase including solar, battery storage and hybrid systems across Australia and the Pacific Islands is continuing to grow.”

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