SHC allows Customs to undertake stock checking on heir own

KARACHI: Justice Junaif Ghaffar of High Court of Sindh on Friday allowed Pakistan Customs to undertake stock checking on their own while coordinating with the plaintiffs as well as defendants in a suit filed by Jalil Services Ware House. The issue pertains to alleged pilferage from the bonded ware house.

The single judge has ordered stock taking which was to take place yesterday (Thursday). No party concerned/plaintiff turned up and instead sent their representatives/sons. The plaintiff ware house management refused to allow the inspection and stock checking on ground that unless the actual owners of goods are present they will not allow the stock checking.

Pakistan Customs filed a compliance report today narrating all details. The single judge taking exception on a request by the Pakistan Customs, one of the defendants allowed them to undertake stock checking on their own after coordinating with all parties to the suit.

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