Customs seize 20% more smuggled goods in the last ten months

KARACHI: The value of seizures of smuggled goods made by Customs authorities has registered an increase of 20% for the period July-April 2018-19 when compared to figures of corresponding period of previous year due to the stringent enforcement measures of Pakistan Customs against smuggling.[the_ad id=”31605″]Pakistan customs mobile squads is monitoring the major entry points/smuggling routes in the country, besides the information based joint operations are also carried out by Pakistan Customs with the assistance of law enforcement agencies for seizure of smuggled goods.

Chairman FBR Syed Muhammad Shabbar Zaidi has urged the traders to refrain from dealing in smuggled goods and contribute positively to the government’s initiative to revive the economy.

Customs field dormations across the country have embarked upon constituting special teams to seize smuggled goods wherever found, a spokesman said.

It may be mentioned here that legal import has significantly declined after the government imposed several restrictions on imports. In a bid to reduce trade deficit the government is pursuing a policy of discouraging imports instead of increasing exports.

However, the move has been counter productive as legal imports have switched to informal and illegal channels depriving government of revenue as well as putting the local industry at a disadvantage.

Green channel facility is widely being misused as high value and high tariff goods are cleared through mis-declaration; similarly high tariff and high value goods of transshipment are replaced with low value and low tariff goods during transit; and a large quantity of smuggled goods find their way from the neighboring countries.

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