Verditek and Optimeyes announce framework agreement |

Verditek and Optimeyes announce framework agreement

LONDON: Verditek plc, and Optimeyes Energy Limited have signed a framework agreement to advance commercial opportunities jointly. [the_ad id="31605"]Under the arrangement the two firms will collaborate on projects in which Verditek technology and expertise can be used to the advantage of Optimeyes projects which are under development in Europe. Several projects are currently being developed which will demonstrate the synergies that the two firms can offer working together. Verditek is developing opportunities for its lightweight and semi-flexible solar panels manufactured in Italy. These products address projects that otherwise could not consider a PV solar solution due to weight restrictions, installation challenges, or architectural aesthetics. We deliver more watts per weight. Optimeyes is a project developer providing clients with integrated solutions in renewable energy generation projects in the EU and the UK. Optimeyes has developed a full range of services comprising energy compliance audits, optimization analysis for businesses, energy efficiency programs to reduce utility spending, and has a track record in creating financial instruments to ease client entry into capital purchases that reduce the long-term burden of utility costs. Miguel Matias, COO of Optimeyes said, "we are happy to be working together with Verditek and capitalize on our experience in developing renewable energy projects. We see many opportunities in introducing hybrid energy solutions for our clients which benefit from the Verditek technology". Dr Geoff Nesbitt, CEO of Verditek plc said: "I am pleased our teams are working so intensely, developing attractive products and terms that provide our clients with compelling commercial opportunities. Together we have the network, skills and experience to create everything clients and investors need to benefit from a solar PV system and long-term contract. We will continue to look for prospects that become possible due to our unique product attributes and financial savvy that we bring to the table".
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