Customs Intelligence Karachi detects deliberate revenue evasion by M/s Dawlance Pvt Ltd

KARACHI: Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi has detected evasion of duty and taxes to the of Rs22.69 million on import of Polymeric MDI by M/s Dawlance Pvt Ltd.
[the_ad id=”31605″] Information was received through Director Irfan Jawaid that many importers including reputed industrial concerns were involved in import and clearance of chemicals namely Wannate PM-2010, Wannate PM-8221, Cosmonate M-200, Millionate MR-200 and Lupranate M20S, being polymethylene polyphenylene isocyanates referred as Polymeric MDIs classifiable under PCT heading 3909.3000 attracting 20% customs duty, in the garb of Di-phenyImethane Di-isocyanate referred as MDI through mis-declaration of PCT as 3824.9091 attracting 5% customs duty (0% under FTA).

Some of thc consignments of under-reference items imported by various importers including industrial concerns which were cleared through Customs Computerized System under claimed PCT heading 3824.9091 and lying at ports for delivery or inbonded warehoused after clearance from Collectorate were identified, detained and examined by the staff of the Directorate.

On physical examination, the consignments were found to be marked with description as polymethylene polyphenylene isocyanate (polymeric MDI) instead of Di-phenylemethane Di-isocyanate (MDI). However, for the sake of further clarity representative samples from each consignment were drawn in the presence of importer’s representatives and forwarded to HEJ Lab for chemical analysis and test to confirm actual description.

M/s HEJ Lab. in response to Directorate’s letter forwarded analysis report with the remarks the goods were found to be as polymeric MDI.

From the investigation, it has been found that M/s. Dawlance (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi, imported 6 consignments out of which 4 were cleared from MCC Appraisement (West), Karachi and 2 from MCC Appraisement (East), Karachi in connivance with their clearing agent M/s Omal Sons Corporation and M/s H.I International during 2016.

The eavded revenue is calculated to be Rs22.69 million from M/s Dawlance.

It may be mentioned here Customs Adjudication penalised M/s Dawlance Pvt Ltd and clearing agent for evading government revenue through mis-declaration of classification of goods to claim inadmissible benefit under Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 2017.

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