Al Safwa Mubasher launches latest online trading platform in Middle East |

Al Safwa Mubasher launches latest online trading platform in Middle East

DUBAI: Al Safwa has announced the launch of the latest online trading platform in the Middle East to be the most comprehensive and most responsive version of Mubasher Trade Plus.[the_ad id="31605"]The announcement comes in line with the company's efforts to maintain a sustainable development strategy for its services and products in order to enable its clients to evaluate, analyze and implement local and global markets with increasing efficiency that reflects the distinct potential of Al Safwa Mubasher’s clients. Ehab Rashad, CEO of Al Safwa Mubasher, said: "We are always striving to invest the time of market calmness in the development of our programs and services, which are primarily intended to be the foundation of our clients to maximize their profitability." "We also strive to provide our clients with the best technology with fundamental differences in the trading experience to be distinguished from our competitors in different markets in all trading details, starting from placing orders to trading, passing by follow-up lists, and ending with account details. "The new platform is the best so far. We have released a free trial version for investors from outside the company to test the new trading experience to the market in general and the application is completely free to all existing and future Al Safwa clients as we are keen to provide them with our latest services and products instantly," Rashad added. Mubasher Financial Services is the first electronic securities trading company in the United Arab Emirates. It was the first company to combine DFM and Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange on one screen with one account to give the clients the convenience of trading in both markets at the same time via one platform only.
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