Gang involved in clearing old/used vehicles on fake documents busted

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has lodged FIR against several accused including M/s CGA Logistics for submitting fake and forged Proceeds Realization Certificate (PRC) to clear old and used vehicles circumventing the provisions of Import Policy Order (IPO).

In order to curb the menace of money laundering and illegal movement of currency out of the country, the Ministry of Commerce inserted certain requirements vide Appendix-E of the Import Policy Order-2016 to be met for the import of old/used vehicles by overseas Pakistanis availing baggage/transfer of residence scheme.

Overseas Pakistanis are required to present a Proceeds Realization Certificate (PRC) certifying that the amount of duty and taxes involved in the import of vehicle has been remitted by the person importing such vehicle in foreign exchange from an account being operated by him overseas into his own account or in an account of a family member.

The clearance of vehicles is only allowed after being satisfied that the PRC fulfills the mandatory statutory requirements.

M/s CGA Logistics, Karachi submitted Proceeds Realization Certificate (PRC) purportedly issued by M/s HBL, Kashmir Road Rawalpindi in favour of Momin Khan showing remittance amount to SR 22,640 for clearance of one unit old and used vehicle Toyota Passo imported by overseas Pakistani, namely Momin Khan S/o Dilawar Khan.

Collector MCC Appraisement West Wajid Ali issued directives to Additional Collector Rehmatullah Vistro to keep strict vigilance on the import of old and used vehicles. In exercise of due diligence, the Proceed Realization Certificate (PRC) was forwarded to the issuing bank, and in response thereto bank confirmed that PRC was not issued by them and the same was “fake”. Two other PRCs submitted by the same customs agent were also found fake.

Preliminary inquiry into the matter has revealed that accused Sheharyar Ahmad S/o Muhammad Gulzar working as Manager of M/s. CGA Logistics had presented the said PRC to the Customs authorities. It has further been revealed that the said accused along with the proprietor of M/s. CGA Logistics is also involved in preparing fake PRCs in the name of Overseas Pakistani as importers.

The accused persons have tried to get clearance of vehicles on fake Proceeds Realization certificates which is in serious violation of the mandatory provisions of law and procedure.

Authorities have established that the accused person namely Sheharyar Ahmad S/o Muhammad Gulzar, Faizan Fayyaz S/o Fayyaz Ahmed, Momin Khan S/o Dilawar Khan, Qasim Jan Syed S/o syed Ahmad Shah, Amanullah s/o Muhammad Rahman and their associates have contravened the provisions of several laws.

The accused custom agent namely Shaharyar Ahmed S/o Mohammad Gulzar of M/s. CGA Logistics Karachi who has been instrumental in the commission of this crime.

On the directives of Collector Wajid Ali, ADC Rehmatullah Vistro has formed a team comprising DC Asim Awan, PA Shafiullah, AO Ghani Soomro to investigate the case in details and confirm how many vehicles they had cleared through the fradulent PRCs. AO Junaid Hashmat has been nominated IO of the case.

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