Chairman FBR bars tax officers from doing everything

KARACHI: Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Shabbar Zaidi has directed all Chief Commissioners of the Inland Revenue that there will be no suspension from active taxpayers list (ATL) unless there is personal interaction with CEO/owner of the business 24 hours before the suspension.

[the_ad id=”32940″]The IR officers are confused whose team Shabbar Zaidi is playing for as earlier officers were barred from attaching bank accounts of defaulting taxpayers, now their names cannot be excluded from active taxpayers list (ATL) and there would be no raids on the business premises. Officers are of the view that they had been stopped from doing everything to affect revenue recovery/collection.

Chairman FBR has ordered that list of all cases of suspension after suspension will be sent to Chairman FBR and Member IR (Operations) with reasons of suspension and evidence of personal interaction.

The Inland Revenue officers believe that there would be a massive revenue shortfall due to such measures.

All Chief Commissioners have also been ordered that there will be no raid on any premises of an existing taxpayer without prior approval of Member IR (Operations) and Chairman.

“If there are evidences of economic transactions, which are chargeable to tax and the organization/entity is not a tax registered person then officer of that jurisdiction will report it to the Member IR (Operations) and Chairman FBR, who will provide necessary direction for future course of action.

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