Chairman FBR bars officers from attaching bank accounts of defaulting taxpayers

KARACHI: Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Syed Shabbar Zaidi has advised all chief commissioners not to attach bank accounts unless the taxpayer’s CEO/Principal Officer/owner is informed at least 24 hours prior to attachment and Chairman FBR’s approval is obtained.[the_ad id=”31605″]The Inland Revenue officers are not happy with this development saying this would adversely impact revenue collection while this would also eliminate the deterrence against revenue evasion. It is pertinent to mention here Shabbar Zaidi’s appointment is highly controversial.

Sources said Shabbar Zaidi has been appointed as the first phase of a plan to give FBR to technocrats. Sources said the top hierarchy of the revenue body would not be bureaucrats instead technocrats would be appointed on top positions including members, director generals, chief commissioners, chief collectors, commissioners, collectors and directors. Although, this exercise would not be easy as there would be serious legal resistance.

Customs agents and tax practitioners have ridiculed the appointment of Shabbar Zaidi as chairman FBR saying that they were also willing to serve as commissioners and collectors etc as technocrats and they didn’t even want the salaries and perks.

However, the business community has hailed this decision. President, Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industries (LCCI) has welcomed the decision not to attach the bank account of any business house without prior notice, issued by the newly appointed Chairman FBR.

While hailing the appointment of Shabbar Zaidi as the new chairman of FBR former President LCCI, Mr. Yakoob Karim said that the stringing a 24 hours prior notice deadline on account attachment to default taxpayer shall forthwith rectify the flaws in existing tax mechanism that has led to harassment many a times.

He further said that the appellate forums should work under respective High Courts and in case of any false claims made by tax appellate should be made liable to harsh penalties.

He hoped that the first ever Chairman FBR from private sector will soon start the restructuring and reforming the Federal Board of Revenue.

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