M/s General Services approach Court against several accused for steeling in-bond goods

KARACHI: Bonded Warehouse M/s General Services has approached Sindh High Court (SHC) praying an independent audit of the company and seeking compensation for the goods stolen from the warehouse by a cartel led by Junaid Mansoori and Zubair Abdul Aziz.[the_ad id=”31605″]Customs lodged FIRs against several persons for illegal removal of in-bonded goods without filing of ex-bond GD, thus evading legitimate government revenue to the tune of hundreds of millions of rupees.

The FIRs booked bonded warehouse M/s General Services, M/s Lucky Star Steel Industries, M/s Azam & Sons, M/s Steel Co and M/s Z.R Corporation and others for the crime.

In the Suit before the SHC, M/s General Services submitted that they had given the authority to Zubair Abdul Aziz to act as the agent/representative of M/s General Services only for the purpose of conducting the daily business affairs of the warehouse.

The company submitted that Zubair Abdul Aziz died on April 08, 2019 and after that they started discovering the long list of fraud, illegalities and theft that had taken place. It was also submitted that Zubair in connivance with Junaid Mansoori, M/s Z.R Corporation, Altaf, Amir Darvesh, Abu Talib, Farooq Chaudry pf M/s Luck Star Industries, Hannan Steel Industries, Bushra Enterprises removed the in-bond goods without payment of leviable duty and taxes.

 Meanwhile, MCC Appraisement West has lodged an FIR against M/s Mohammad Trading Company, Muhammad Ismail of M/s Khalid Sanitary Supplier, Zulfiqar Ali Shah of M/s Friends Enterprise and Tariq Ghanchi of bonded warehouse M/s Iqra Enterprises for illegally removing ceramic porcelain tiles worth Rs133.09 million from the warehouse without payment of Customs duty and other taxes worth Rs142.08 million. The goods were stolen from the warehouse with the active connivance of the staff of bonded warehouse, importers and accomplices.

On the directives of Collector Appraisement West Wajid Ali, ADC Rehmatullah Vistro, PA Shafiullah and AO Ghani Soomro detected thge scam. It may be mentioned here that two years ago an FIR was proposed against M/s Iqra Enterprises but then Chief Collector Appraisement South rejected the proposal and stopped the investigation.There are 29 bonds and audit of every bond is underway.
Penal surcharge is removed through the Finance Bill but it was done through an SRO.
Sourcessaid that former Chief Collector asked then Member Customs Zahid Khokhar to issue such an SRO but Khokhar excused and now Javed Ghani Member Customs Policy issued the SRO waiving the penal surcharge for 10 days.
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