IPR Tribunal reserves order in watches destruction notice case

KARACHI: The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Tribunal of Pakistan Customs on Tuesday reserved order in an application filed by importer of watches, watch parts against destruction notice issued by IPR collectorate.

The respodent Pakistan Custom’s department seized the consignment of ground that it has recieved complaints from makers of international brands that counterfiet watches are being imported and sold by some of the importer and hence the same were seized.

A counsel from Franklin Law Associates appearing for the applicant submitted that the so-called complainant Swiss Federation was not representative of famous brands and is acting on the basis of fake power of attorney. There is no valid complaint as according to an order in field, the complainant has to file a cash security of rupees 500000 in case of each item objected to, hence the complaint has no legal value.

The counsel also pointed out the presence of Director IPR Aamir Rashid and said he was taking undue interest in the said case.

The IPR Tribunal after hearing the sides reserved the order.

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