HOD HASHARON,  ISRAEL: Singapore  Exchange  Mainboard-listed Sarine  Technologies  Ltd,   a   worldwide   leader   in the   development, manufacture and sale of precision technology products for the evaluation, planning, processing,  finishing,  grading and  trading  of  diamonds  and  gems,  has announced that NEW ART CIMA Ltd. is introducing the Sarine Diamond Journey as a centre piece of its new marketing campaign and consumer experience.

The Sarine Diamond Journey focuses  on  the  story  of the  diamond from  its origin and rough structure until  its final polished form. The provided  graphic  and  video depictions   provide   consumers with   a   unique   experience   and   the   full transparency they seek from a respected brand in an intuitive format.

The diamond’s actual transition  through  its  various  stages  of  cutting,  shaping  and polishing  is chronicled with actual visual imagery captured throughout the manufacturing process by Sarine’s cutting edge systems.

Sarine’s provenance offering is unique in that only it is able  to accurately  and efficiently provide true high-quality information directly derived from the actual technology utilised during the various processes involved in the manufacture of the more than 55 million diamonds created using advanced systems annually.

In addition, NEW  ART CIMA Ltd. is also introducing  Sarine’s  latest  exciting enhancement to the Sarine Diamond Journey-the 3D-Origin. The 3D-Origin is  an  accurate 3D-printedmodel  of  the specific rough stone from  which  the documented polished diamond was derived, as modelled by Sarine’s actual systems utilised in its initial analyses stages.[the_ad id=”31605″]

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