Poultry Products Regulation: Chicken, egg to be costlier

KARACHI: The prices of chicken and eggs are likely to go up as the Sindh Food Authority (SFA) has decided to go after the poultry farmers who are not following the rules and avoiding measures to ensure healthy chicken products.

SFA has issued a public notice that appeared in all national dailies reminding the poultry farm owners of mandatory requirement of having license from SFA to displayed at a prominent place in each and every poultry unit.

The notice also include mandatory rules and precautions to be adopted by the workers, attendants at the poultry farms. The particular emphasis of the SFA is on use of antibiotics, medicines or injections at the poultry farm used for increasing the weight of the chick.  The notice makes its mandatory that a veterinary doctor is appointed and present at each poultry farm to ensure compliance of directives issued by the SFA.

The measures also including sanitation and healthy handling of the chickens by the staff.

The measures if implemented in full require a lot of hard work and would ensure  production of healthy chicken and eggs. The market sources however fear that in case of implementation, prices of chicken and eggs will soar to an unbearable price and would go out of reach of poor people.[the_ad id=”31605″]

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