Several booked for smuggling Boostin injections

KARACHI: Customs Intelligence & Investigation Karachi has lodged FIR against certain persons, including two women, for attempting to smuggle banned veterinary injections with the help of protocol and seized the banned goods worth Rs33.42 million.

Information was received through Director Irfan Javed to Additional Director Ali Zaman Gardezi that huge quantity of grip origin hormones injections which induce cows to produce more milk would be smuggled into the country through passengers coining from Cape Town, South Africa via Doha through Qatar Airline

On the directives of Deputy Director Dr. Zohaib the staff posted at airport headed by Superintendent Ilyas Ahmed obtained passengers manifest of Qatar Flight and surveillance was mounted on the passengers coming from abroad especially on the referred flight. During the surveillance, one suspected person namely Sadruddin along with trolley loaded with 04 bags was spotted

The aforesaid person was asked about the luggage to which he could not reply satisfactorily therefore search of the luggage was conducted and consequently, in presence of two witnesses, hormones injections namely Boostin Somatotropin were found.

As the said injections are banned item therefore, the same were seized. Simultaneously, representative samples for chemical analysis were also drawn which were sealed and signed on the spot signature of the accused were obtained over the sample.

The accused disclosed that he was a dairy farmer in association with one Hammad. He informed that the contacted one Kashif residing in South Africa in connection with smuggling of hormone injections. The goods were smuggled through two ladies. The said two ladies subsequent to the delivery of smuggled goods slipped away from the scene.

An FIR has been lodged against Sadruddin, Ms. Aziza, Ms. Fatima and Hammad, investigations are underway.

An official said despite a ban, the Boostin injections were freely being used by the dairy farmers in the country.[the_ad id=”31605″]

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