Superintendent Customs granted time scale BS-17

KARACHI: As many as 27 Superintendent Customs are hereby granted time scale (BS-17) on completion of 03 years service as Superintendent (BS-16) with effect from 19.02.2019, Federal Board of Revenue FBR notified.[the_ad id=”31605″]These officers include:

1. Mr. Tanvir Hussain Shah, RTO, Rawalpindi
2. Mr. Essa Khan, MCC Quetta
3. Mr. Saeed Akhtar Joya, MCC Appraisement, Lahore
4. Mr. S. Tanveer Raza Naqvi,
(working in IPR Enforcement (Central), Lahore draw salary from MCC, Faisalabad)
5. Mr. Muhammad Aslam Khan, MCC, Preventive, Lahore
6. Mr. Dilawar Hussain, MCC, Faisalabad
7. Mr. Aslam Shakeel, MCC Appraisement, Lahore
8. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali, RTO-II, Lahore
9. Mr. M. Akram S/O M. Din, RTO, Lahore
10. Mr. Mahmood Saeed, MCC Appraisement, Lahore
11. Mr. Hassan Muhammad, MCC Multan
12. Mr. Noor Ahmad, MCC Gwadar
13. Mr. Tariq Rafiq, Dte. of I&I Hyderabad
14. Mr. Sohail Ansari, Internal Audit Customs, Karachi
15. Mr. Muhammad Ali Lohar, Internal Audit Customs, Karachi
16. Mr. M. Yousaf Khan, MCC, Preventive, Lahore
17. Mr. Yar Muhammad Memon, RTO, Hyderabad
18. Mr. Safdar Ali Shah, MCC Gwadar
19. Mr. Hazrat Ali Shah, MCC, Islamabad
20. Mr. Muhammad Kamran Khan, MCC, Peshawar
21. Mr. Gul Nawaz Khan, MCC, Peshawar
22. Mr. Niaz Muhammad, MCC, Peshawar
23 Mr. Javed Akhtar, MCC, Peshawar
24 Mr. Tariq Kamal, Internal Audit Customs, Karachi
25 Mr. Ali Gohar, RTO, Karachi
26 Mr. Najam ul Bari, Internal Audit Customs, Karachi
27 Mr. Muhammad Yousaf Khan, MCC Quetta

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