OPINION: Bumpy road ahead for PTI government

Imran Khan may not have ever imagined that ruling Pakistan is so difficult as from the first day in Prime Minister’s office, the cricketer turned politician, having no experience of dealing with the bureaucracy and the unseen “establishment ” is facing gigantic problems one after another.

The empty treasury emerged as first challenge and till now , the economic managers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) are trying to manage depleting foreign exchange reserves, the devaluation of rupees against mighty US Dollar, the shrinking stock exchange, the ever increasing circular debt and rising inflation which is expected to remain between 6- 7 per cent in current fiscal year.

The loans advanced by China, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE are yet to make an impact on the Pakistan’s economy which is weakening every day. Pakistan has reportedly discovered a huge reserve of natural gas but still the discovery was being kept unannounced which will reduce the import bill of fuel by our country.

The political divide and political temperature both are increasing day by day and a new alliance between Jamaiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-Fazal) and PPPP may emerge any time and may be joined by the PML-Nawaz in near future. The coalition partners are also becoming uneasy as they feel being betrayed and complain of being left to face their voters as promises could not be kept.

The differences between PTI with PML-Q over more ministries at federal level and similar demands from MQM-Pakistan have been addressed most recently. MQM-P is forcing the PTI government to expedite the development package for Karachi and to induct more ministers.

According to sources MQM-P has given more time to Imran Khan to fulfill promises made or they have hinted to quit the coalition government. With departure of MQM-P, present government will lose majority and fell down. Keeping the coalition partner united and keep them supporting the government becomes a daunting task.

The foreign front is also a cause of continuous concern for the government as despite de-escalation with India, the other dangers are looming including the decision by FATF and Pakistan still faces danger of placement on list of countries being watched. The actions taken against proscribed organizations was seen with suspicion by the international community and ” do more ” is being resonated.

The terrorists and terrorism is rising its head again in Karachi and becoming another challenge for the government while government expresses its resolve to implement the national action plan on almost daily basis. Undoubtedly the present government is making efforts to transform Pakistan into a modern country but the challenges are gigantic and can be surmounted if nation remains united.[the_ad id=”31605″]

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