Guidelines issued for assessment of iron and steel products

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has issued assessment guidelines in order to streamline and facilitate the import and assessment of prime and secondary quality iron and steel products (coils/sheets).[the_ad id=”31605″]The following aspects of Iron & steel products (coils/sheets) should be kept into consideration for prime quality:

  1. Mill packing having sea-worthy envelop/collar packing,(not applicable for Hot Rolled Steel Coils) containing mill labels.
  2. Hot Rolled Steel Coils (HRC) strip packed.
  3. Iron & steel sheets (except Hot Roiled sheets) mill packed in strips pallets.
  4. Accompanied with Mill Test Certificate, which confirms Heat Number; Complete Chemical Composition; Mechanical Properties (including Tensile Strength, yield Strength and Elongation); International Standard or Grade specification of the goods; Date of production of the goods (not required if mentioned on labels of the Product) and Color of the Coil/sheets or Color code (in case of pre-painted/color coated).
  5. Consignment comprising of homogeneous sizes/dimensions in terms of width and thickness.
  6. Iron & steel sheets having homogeneous-sizes/dimensions in terms of width, thickness and length within a bundle.
  7. The characteristics of the imported product mentioned on the MTC and labels are duly verifiable with LC, contract, invoice and packing list.

Any dispute regarding categorization of the consignment as prime or secondary arising out of any factors including the ones mentioned above shall be decided/finalized at the level of Assistant/Deputy Collector of the concerned group, who will resolve the dispute keeping in view the overall attributes of the consignment. In case the dispute is not resolved, the issue can be referred to senior level for final decision in the matter.

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