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Avation Plc acquires Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft

SINGAPORE: Avation PLC, the commercial passenger aircraft leasing company, has acquired a Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft with CFM 56 Engines in the secondary market.

Avation has entered into a conditional agreement to purchase the aircraft which is approximately 8 years old and is on operating lease to Indonesian flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia, until mid-2022.

The acquisition of the aircraft is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2019 and is subject to closing conditions typical of a transaction of this nature.

Avation's Executive Chairman, Jeff Chatfield, said: "We are constantly looking to further diversify our aircraft portfolio and operator base. We believe that the Boeing 737-800 NG is an excellent aircraft, indeed one of the most successful and popular aircraft types ever made, with a good residual value outlook. Avation is always willing to consider attractive value acquisitions. This aircraft is the second Boeing aircraft in the Company's portfolio."[the_ad id="32940"]

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