ASO Preventive Karachi comes hard on smugglers

KARACHI: Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of MCC Preventive has tightened noose against the smugglers and seized smuggled goods worth millions of rupees in several operations; certain accused have also been arrested.[the_ad id=”31605″]ASO MCC Preventive Karachi in compliance with IPR alert-1 on infringement of Intellectual Property Rights was alerted to thwart any attempt of smuggling of counterfeit/fake products. The ASO team remained vigilant and seized counterfeit glasses and watches, worth Rs2.47 million, being smuggled through Hazara Express train originated from Havelian.

ASO MCC Preventive headed by Deputy Collector Muhammad Faisal raided a warehouse at Abdul Hasan Isphani Road, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi, and seized 37.5 tons of smuggled Chinese Salt famously known as Ajinomoto (Monsodium Glutamate) along with smuggled packing material worth Rs. 9.025 million. Chinese Salt Ajinomoto was banned on the directives of Supreme Court of Pakistan and IPO 2016. Three accused persons have also been arrested.

Moreover, ASO during patrolling intercepted a Suzuki pick up near Jama Cloth Market, Saddar and seized Indian Gutka worth Rs4.7 million. Further, ASO headed by Deputy Collector Muhammad Faisal seized smuggled Iranian diesel worth Rs2.5 million from an oil tanker at RCD Highways.

In other operations, ASO Preventive Karachi seized smuggled tyres, cloth and gutka worth Rs1.165 million.

In view of rising smuggling and illicit trade, Chief Collector Enforcement South Wasif Memon has advised Preventive Collectorate to keep strict vigilance on the movement of smuggled goods so that the revenue leakage could be plugged.

It may be mentioned here that import through legal channels has declined over 50 percent and most of the goods are now being smuggled into the country though various means such as mis-declaration and misuse of green channel facility.

Government recently introduced several measures including imposition of regulatory duties and linking automobile imports with payment of duty and taxes in foreign exchange. A big part of Customs revenue came from automobile imports. Now, that legal imports have declined significantly, Customs revenue are expected to take a big hit.

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