Directorate General of Training and Research recommends cash reward for its officers

KARACHI: Directorate General of Training and Research (Customs) has recommended a cash reward equivalent to one-year basic salary for the officers of DGTR Karachi to commend their extraordinary dedication and enthusiasm.

These officers include Director Irfan Javed, Additional Director Javed Sarwar Shaikh, Deputy Directors Ammar Ahmad Mir and Ms. Zamzam Aman.

In a letter to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Director General DGTR Amer Ahmad noted the Board is already aware that the team of officers posted at the Directorate General of Training and Research (Customs), Karachi has developed a modernized curriculum for the Specialized Training Programme of Assistant Collectors (Probationers). The entire curriculum has been redesigned on functional lines, molded on the University of Canberra’s program on Masters in Customs Administration and the probationary officers from the 45th CTP were trained according to the new syllabus.

The DGTR is confident that due to the value addition provided by the new curriculum, these officers are well equipped for discharging their official responsibilities. To replace the decades old syllabus was an extensive exercise which required hard work and utmost dedication from all the officers involved, for which they deserve appreciation.

In addition to providing training per the new curriculum, the team of officers at DGTR also undertook other major initiatives. A week long course on Basic Weapons Safety and Handling was arranged for probationary officers in collaboration with the Elite Police Training Centre at Razzakabad, Karachi.

The team also arranged 14-day training on Anti Money Laundering and Customs Enforcement with the National Crime Agency (UK) and the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (USA).

This training was provided free of cost by the collaborating agencies and DGTR is aiming to continue it for further batches, while also enhancing its scope. Extracurricular activities were also a major focus during the Specialized Training Programme, with the probationers being provided opportunities for music classes as well as creative and cultural activities.

Beyond training activities, the officers of DGTR also carried out upgradation of the Kamil Museum of Customs. The Museum was earlier located on the 2nd floor of the DGTR with only a few items on display. The team shifted it to the ground floor of the DGTR with double the previously allocated space enhancing its significance.

The upgraded Museum was inaugurated by the President of Pakistan on International Customs Day, 2019 who expressed his appreciation and directed that the Museum may be opened to the general public as well.

Furthermore, the DGTR team also prepared and forwarded a PC-I for expansion of the on-site hostel for accommodating a higher number of trainees, as well as providing transit accommodation to serving Customs officers.

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