Bonded carrier, Customs agent licenses of M/s Saif-ur-Rehman & Brothers revoked

KARACHI: Collector MCC Appraisement West, the Licensing Authority, Wajid Ali has revoked the Bonded Carrier License and Customs Agent License of M/s Saif-ur-Rehman & Brothers Pvt Ltd for replacing the goods of bonded consignments with mud and transporting banned goods.[the_ad id=”31605″]Collector Wajid Ali also ordered to forfeit security deposit submitted by M/s Saif-ur-Rehman & Brothers and also ordered to recover the amount of duties and taxes leviable on pilferaged goods as well as imposed a penalty of Rs10 million.

MCC Peshawar had intimidated the licensing authority that an FIR had been lodged against the Bonded Carrier and Custom Agent M/s Saif-ur-Rehman & Brothers on account of several sections and provisions of Customs Act, 1969.

After detailed deliberation of the case and listening to the both sides, Licensing Authority observed that the modus operandi of the accused was that they removed high dutiable goods from the containers and placed mud in replacement in a way that the seals of shipping line as well as Custom were kept intact.

 Moreover, they knowingly transshipped explosive fire crackers in violation of Transshipment Rules as the same are restricted goods for transshipment.

The contents of the actual goods were misdeclared in TP documents to conceal the transshipment of restricted dangerous goods.

A number of other cases of similar nature were also detected in which the accused has been implicated as accused bonded carrier, which shows they are habitual offenders.

Wajid Ali noted tht M/s Saif-ur-Rehman & Brothers hatched a scam to replace high dutiable goods en-route transshipment and replaced the same with mud. “Such flouting and mockery of law should not go without proper punishment provided under the law,” Wajid Ali remarked.

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