Betel nut recovered from containers lying at AICT

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has recovered 52 tons of betel nut from two containers lying at Al-Hamd container Terminal (AICT). The consignment was imported by M/s Samad Traders, which was shipped from Jebel Ali declared to be used clothing and used shoes.

Collector Wajid Ali had advised all Deputy Collectors of ports and terminals to auction all the containers lying abandoned even those unclaimed. Deputy Collector AICT Imran Razzaq started examining these containers and two unclaimed containers were found to have smuggled betel nut were imported in October 2018.

A detailed report in this regard is forwarded to Collector Wajid Ali who formed a committee comprising Deputy Collector R&D Appraisement West Asim, PA Abdul Qayyum and AO Ghani soomro to investigate the case and scrutinize past import record of M/s Samad Traders.

Container terminals including Al-Hamd Container Terminal (AICT), Pak Shaheen and BOML are used for such fraudulent activities and several such scams were detected at these terminals. However, no fool proof check and balance system has not been installed to check smuggling and revenue leakage at these terminals.

It may be recalled AICT has been remained at the center of mobile smuggling case.

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