MCC Hyderabad seizes smuggled goods worth Rs50 million

HYDERABAD: MCC Hyderabad has seized smuggled goods worth Rs49.6 million in just last week as a rigorous anti-smuggling campaign is underway.

[the_ad id=”32940″]Collector Hyderabad Khalid Jamali advised his team to curb smuggling, as the illicit trade caused severe economic damage.

Deputy Collector Sukkur Kaleemullah in two separate operations seized 56,000 liters of smuggled diesel worth Rs47.5 million and betel nut worth Rs2.1 million.

Chief Collector Enforcement South Wasif Memon has instructed tighter control over illicit trade.

Director Customs Intelligence Irfan Javed and Collector Preventive Dr Fareed Iqbal have also expedited anti-smuggling activities.

Smuggling, despite current efforts to at least curb it, continues to be one of the biggest headaches of the government and local industries.

While the government heavily relies on borrowings—domestic and foreign—to finance the cost of running the country, deliver social services and set up vital infrastructure, it is still losing potentially huge revenues yearly due to smuggling.

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