Nation again exemplifies solidarity; Billions invested by anti-Pakistan elements wasted

Pakistani nation emerged once again as a united force in the wake of Indian threat. The scenes witnessed across Pakistan in 1965 when the Indian forces tried to intrude into Pakistan in the dark of night when valiant Pakistani soldiers fought for every inch of the motherland and repulsed the Indian attack.[the_ad id=”32940″]The war mongering Indian government of Bharatia Janta Party (BJP) lead by Narendra Modi known as “Butcher of Gujrat” as thousands were killed in anti-Muslim riots in his rule in Indian province of Gujrat sent its fighter jets to target civilian areas but were intercepted and challenged. The Indian jets dropped the ammunition in haste and escaped into Indian territory again in the dark of night. The incident occurred in Balakot, Azad Kashmir which is few miles on Pakistan side across Line of Control.

The Indian government claimed hitting training camps manned by Jaish-e-Mohammad, an organization which has been proscribed by Pakistan and which claimed the Palwama attack in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK). The attack launched by a Kashmiri youth claimed the lives of 40 Indian soldiers, part of more than 600,000 strong Indian security forces deployed in Kashmir to throttle the voice of Kashmiris, to deprive them of their right to self-determination and to quell the indigenous struggle for freedom from clutches of Indian forces.

The Indian media hyped the attack and was all praise for Modi government for revengeful “successful attack” elimination more than 300 alleged terrorists, master minds of Palwama attack and teaching Pakistan an adequate lesson.

Pakistan after initial shock came up with facts and footages, photographs of the place where fleeing Indian fighter pilots dumped their ammunition. Apart from burnt trees and blackened hilly terrain, nothing significant was witnessed. No body parts, no blood no damaged or collapsed structures could be seen which should have been their if “Indian Surgical Strike “was so precise and successful.

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing the nation offered India an honest joint investigation into Palwama attack. He also warned of a matching response to any military adventure by India.

The following night Indian fighter jets again intruded into Pakistani territory but faced Pakistani “Shaheens” waiting for them to a “surprise reception “. Two Indian jets were downed, one felling into Pakistani territory and another in Indian controlled IHK. Indian squadron leader Abhinandan was arrested and treated for his injuries.

The world witnessed the way, the Indian pilot was treated by Pakistani authorities. The claims and counter claims and threat of further escalation between two nuclear armed countries was examined.

The Indian elections to be held in near future and defeat tasted by BJP and its allies were also weighed. Pakistan as a gesture of peace, decided to free the Indian pilot and also attempted to have a one on one dialogue between PM Imran Khan and Narendra Modi but rudely refused by the Indian side.

Earlier in the Pakistan’s politicians held a joint meeting of the parliament where exemplary unity was shown by the government and opposition parties. The bitterly opposed parties also joined hands with government in order to give India an equally matching response if another attack is launched.

The provincial assrembly of Sindh took the lead by praising Pakistan Army and condemning Indian aggression followed by assemblies of Punjab, KPK and Balochistan.

The only voices against were of Altaf Hussain, the absconding supreme leader of MQM-London and ex-Pakistan’s Ambassador to USA Hussain Haqqani who blamed Pakistan and its agencies for Palwama suicidal attack.

The national spirit exhibited by the people of Pakistan is reassuring. The attack instead of dampening spirits of the people, infused a new sense of unity and oneness. It wasted billions of dollars invested by Indian RAW and Israel’s Mossad to sow divisions in Pakistan, destroy its national institutions, nascent democracy and pushing the country into chaos by carrying out terrorist activities through their agents like “ Jhadav” , Indian spy arrested from Balochistan.

The national unity and cohesion, the wise leader like Imran Khan and brave armed force of Pakistan are ready to face any mis-adventure by India’s Modi. The increasing opposition of Modi’s government may spell disaster for India and may bring Indian Kashmiris near victory if world’s conscience support their right of self-determination and takes notice of Indian atrocities in Indian Held Kashmir.

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