Republic of Korea increases workers quota for Pakistan by 11pc

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Pakistan, Kwak Sung-Kyu, called on Zulfikar Bukhari, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development, to discuss workers quota of Pakistani expats in South Korea.

The Ambassador apprised SAPM of the recent developments taking place in South Korea with respect to the intake of Pakistani workers in the local industry.

He said that working with SAPM has brought fruitful results as the government of the Republic of Korea has decided to increase the workers quota for Pakistan by 11 percent. Another milestone in this regard is the favorable measure in the Employment Permit System (EPS) that will help in enlarging the size of Pakistani workforce in the Korean industry, he added.

The Korean government recognizes Pakistan’s need to export more manpower and the recent increase in the workers quota for Pakistan is a positive gesture extended by the Republic of Korea, he said.

He also admired the Pakistani workers employed in Korea for their language proficiency, integrity and diligence. Mr. Kwak Sung-Kyu invited Zulfikar Bukhari to visit South Korea and explained that the increase in workers quota is a symbolic goodwill gesture until his visit which will lead to more prospects for Pakistani workers.

Both the dignitaries talked about possibilities to increase the workers quota by 100 percent amid the new drive of the incumbent government to send skilled workers abroad.

Both the dignitaries vowed to continue to work together to create a special cordial relationship between the two countries and to further facilitate the Pakistani expats in Korea.[the_ad id=”32940″]

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